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The systems fire a 100% safe communication laser, similar to a TV remote. Every system has an accurate range of upto 1,000ft.


Every player is on an even playing field with the same weapon with the same capabilities.



Players cannot cheat by pretending they haven't felt a hit or wiping paint off. When you are hit the sensors tell the rifle to shut down until they have been reset. By removing the ability to cheat this creates a fair experience for everyone.  


With any projectile there are health and safety concerns and safety equipment is required. Masks can obscure vision, steam up and cause a claustrophobic experience. There is no safety equipment needed with the laser technology.



Operators wear a headband with sensors. The headband is wirelessly linked to your rifle. When hit and wounded your system beeps and flashes once, when killed the system beeps and flashes multiple times and the system shuts down your rifle to eliminate any use / cheating until you respawn.



The rifle is designed to replicate the M4 / AR15 assault rifle. It is a 1:1 replica that feels and looks like you're holding the real thing.



The magazine holds your ammo. Each magazine holds 150 round simulating five 30 round magazines. This means after firing 30 round you eject the magaines and insert it back in to simualte a magaine change. Each magazine has a memory function, if you fire 20 rounds out of 30 and you relaod it will give give you 30 rounds and the 10 that were left will go to the end of your magazine and consoladate a 30 round magaines with any other rounds. Magazines are then reset between games for free.


Just like a real rifle when you insert a magazine you have to load it, this is done by pulling a lever at the rear of the rifle to simulate loading a round into the chamber.



Each rifle has the option of safe, single and burst fire. This is done with a fire selector on the side of the rifle. Safe simply means the rifle won't fire and it is used between games. 



Every time you fire it simulates a round leaving the barrel which causes recoil. This recoil makes the rifle rumble and move.


An optional shock belt can be worn by operators. This belt has the option to rumble or shock the user when hit, this is managed by the user on a severity setting of 1-5, giving a stronger and longer shock if required.


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