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You are welcome to wear your own gear on the day or we can supply you with MTP jacket, trouser and tactical vest, you will require a good set of boots.


If you want to wear your own gear we recommend camo print colours that blend in with the environment and some way of carrying your ammo and equipment, either tactical belt or tactical vest. 

We recommend not going overboard, a good set of camo and light vest should do the job but in the end it's up to you. 

Boonie hats / wide brim hats are not allowed as the brim can fold up and cause the headband to think it is being covered. Check our members Facebook group for the best places to buy your own gear.  


Every weapon will have the same abilities to keep everyone on a even playing field in regard to range, accuracy and damage. You'll be supplied with a standard irM4 with red dot sight.

If you want to customise your rifle with your own scope and grip make sure it fits a 20mm Weaver Rail (not 11mm). At the start of the event you will have a short amount of time to calibrate your scope to the rifle with a target and add your other accessories. 

Check our members Facebook group for recommended sights and best places to pick one up.

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